AMURT Romania

Our Initiatives

  • HR Placement Program Temporary employment agency provides vulnerable people with access to the labour market in order to improve both their financial situation and quality of life. Status: opened on 14th January 2013
  • Kitchen Extension New facilities to enable the provision of certified vocational training for cook assistants. Status: completed.
  • Workshop ExtensionAn additional workshop space on the first floor to expand the scope of on-site vocational training. Status: in planning.
  • Bath room ExtensionAn extension to the existing bath room and toilet facilities to increase capacity for daytime training programs and accommodation of beneficiaries. Status: in planning.
  • Bed room ExtensionAn extension to increase the number of beds from 15 to 30 beneficiaries. Status: in planning
  • Eco Farm Project Aiming to ensure a sustainable source of local, healthy food, and provide additional vocational training opportunities for beneficiaries.Status: completed

Eco Farm

The new Eco Farm being planned for the land surrounding of our Domnesti Centre will adopt the innovative model of social economy, to ensure a sustainable source of local, healthy food, provide access to the labour market and improve the quality of life for people in vulnerable socio-professional situations.